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Old Horseman Cures are old horse remedies passed down to me by racehorse trainers, ranchers, cowboys and grooms on the track. The last 41 years I have made my living working with horses. Most of the individuals that gave me these remedies are no longer with us. So, I figured I would pass them down to you. These remedies were used out of necessity and are not meant to replace your veterinarian. But if used on the right problem they still work. For $6.00 you get 20 remedies. To get you started I'll even throw in an extra at no charge (a portion of the money earned is being donated to the local animal shelter in Stephenville Texas). I think you will find this to be a great investment. Go to to get your cures today!

Here is the first remedy to get you started. How to cure Rain Rot: Wash the horse gently with an iodine shampoo and rinse well. Then rinse with a mixture of 1-2 ounces apple cider vinegar in a gallon of water. After the horse is dry apply gold antiseptic mouth wash to the affected area. Do this every few days till the scabs are gone. Continue to apply mouth wash till all signs of irritation are gone. This also works well for the scurf horses develop on their hind legs from urine splashing on them (especially common on older geldings). You can keep a spray bottle filled with the mouthwash and spray the hind legs occasionally to help prevent the scurf from starting. This is just one of many old horseman cures. Now, if your horse has any of the following problems or you think you might need any of these cures in the future "Old Horseman Cures" might be for you.

Volume #1
1) 3 Year Olds Loosing Caps
2) Hoof Abscesses
3) Thrush
4) Chewing (bandages, etc.)
5) Leg and Bath Braces
6) Benefits of Aspirin
7) Shiny Coat
8) Diarrhea (scours)
9) Sore Backs
10) Pharyngitis (sore throat)
11) Sore Feet (trimmed too short)
12) Dry Hooves
13) Leg Sweats
14) Nervous Horse
15) Azoturia (tying up)
16) Heat in a Leg
17) Going off of Feed or Water (during shipping)
18) Flies, Gnats, Mosquitoes and No-See-Ums
19) Baby Warts
20) Scratches