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How To Create A Group or Page

To create a group or a page:

- Go to groups & Pages.
- Click on Create a Page at the top right of the page.
- Look at all the categories and click on the one that best goes with your group or page.
- Choose a category, type in the name of your group or page and click Get Started.
- You will be taken to a! Under Editing Page: and your group or page name you will see 8 tabs.
- Go through each tab and fill out the fields and select the status for each question that you want and then click Update

You will be taken to your new page or group! If you do not like some aspect of you page or group, or at some time need to make changes you can edit your group or page. Just click on the Actions tab under your title on the page. A box will appear and then click on Manage, or if you no longer want the page then click on Delete.
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