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How To Update Your Profile Picture

How To Edit Your Profile Picture

- At the top right corner of the page go to profile and click on it.
- A drop-down will appear, then click on edit profile picture.
- A a new page will appear. Go to where it says "upload a new profile picture".
- Where it says "Select an Image" click on browse.
- Then select an image from your computer's files, The file must be 500 KB or smaller.
- Click on upload picture. Your picture will show up in a thumbnail with an avatar next to it.
- You can use the profile cropping tool underneath to make your avatar appear the way you would like. Your avatar is the picture that will be listed next to all of your activity on the site. So make it something that your friends will associate with you.
- After you have made it look the way you want click save avatar.

After you have saved your avatar, you are done. I hope that this has helped you, and I hope you enjoy your experience on American Horse Owners Association.
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